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The world needs what you know and the stories only you can tell. Join us to start creating the next chapter of your unique body of work with joy, ease, purpose.

School of Peaceful Triumphs, Founder
“I’m in the strategist’s chair everyday in my own business, and what I really needed was someone who could give me what I give to my clients: wise, supportive strategy. Working with Cigdem has been one of the smartest investments I’ve made.”
JAC McNEIL, Co-Active Coach & Thought Partner,
"I would have never been able to do on my own all the deep digging that Cigdem guided me through. My business is now booming in all directions. Great new clients, speaking gigs, teaching, art. I also get a lot of good feedback about my site. I'm so happy!”
CYNTHIA MORRIS, Author, Artist & Creativity Coach,

Tiny Memoirs

A five-week writing program for turning your unforgettable memories into evocative mini memoirs.

Coming Home

A three-week creative journaling program for coming back home to yourself.

12 Entrepreneurial Laws of Joy & Ease

Learn the 12 specific principles for building a thriving business as an introverted woman creator.

A Year with Myself

A yearlong, self-paced journaling program for empowering your creative journey and cultivating joy.
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“This is a great way of gathering content for a memoir. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic collection of writers and writing! This feels like the most sacred writing space.”
JACKEE HOLDER, Executive and Leadership Coach & Writer,
“Writing. Stamina. I love this experience. Our writing is becoming a string of stories that paint a much larger picture. The words are flowing and they just won’t stop. Maybe I ‘will ’write that book some day.”
SUE ANN GLEASON, Writer & Business Consultant,